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Colorado Fly Fishing Reports

Yampa and Elk Rivers

October 27th, 2016

Fall is in full swing on the Yampa and Elk rivers. The colors are not only beautiful on the trees but also on the brown trout! Fishing has been great between the hours of 9-6 with good hatches in the afternoons and on any overcast days. Now is the time to take advantage of all the great fishing opportunities the Yampa valley has to offer before winter sets in. Give us a call at 970-879-6552 and we will point you in the right direction.

Stagecoach Tailwater

Stagecoach Tailwater

The "tailwater," also known as the upper Yampa, is one of the most productive stretches of river year-round. The dam keeps the flows and water temperature nearly consistent for the entire year. The DOW keeps a close eye on the water and river bank health which makes for incredible fishing.

October 27th, 2016

Now is the time to get out and enjoy the tailwater. With kids back in school and fall weather closing in the tailwater has been a lot less crowded. We have seen some amazing dry fly fishing in the afternoon or any overcast days. The fish are easy to spook so use low profile indicators and micro split shot.

Flows: 41 CFS

Nymphs: Scuds, WD40, Brassie, Shot Glass Emerger, Zebra Midge, UV Emerger, Biot Mayfly Emerger, Juju, Miracle Nymph, Barrs Emerger, Black Beauty, Smethurst Voodoo,

Dry: Extended Body BWO, Brooks Sprout, Viza Dun, Last Chance Cripple, Sparkle Dun, Burks Silhouette Dun

Sarvis Creek State Wildlife Area

Sarvis Creek

Just one mile downstream of the Stagecoach tailwaters this stretch of river can be very productive year round. This state wildlife area is about 2.5 miles of idyllic trout stream habitat. There is a high density of fish in this area so do not walk past any structure without first casting in for a try. Sight casting this stretch of river is popular when the water hasn't been muddied from recent rains so keep eyes trained to the water.

October 27th,

Sarvis has been fishing great. With fall setting in the fish are really trying to fatten up for a long winter. We have seen good BWO hatches in the afternoons and any overcast days. Be sure to make long casts and fish long 6x leaders as we have seen some larger fish eating dry flies in the shallow riffles and inside bends.Shallow nymph rigs with micro split shot and small indicators have also proven very effective in the past few days.

Flows: 55 C.F.S.
Nymphs: WD40, Zebra Midge, Barr's Emerger, Hot Wire Prince, Two Bit Hooker, Hare's Ear, Pheasant Tail, Hunchback Two Tone, Mercury Baetis, Sizzling Hot Spot, 20 Incher, Bead Wing Midge

Drys:Charlie Boy Hopper, Sparkle Dun, CDC Baetis Dun, Loop Wing Emerger, Blue Ribbon Baetis, Purple Parachute, Brooks Sprout

Streamers: Zonkers, Beldar, Platte dubunny,

Yampa River Public Water

Yampa River

Flowing right through downtown Steamboat Springs, the Yampa River gives anglers miles of excellent fish-able water. Stop into the shop and we can point you in the right direction

October 27th, 2016

We have seen some of best fishing right through town in the past few days with fish eating nymphs drys and streamers. We have seen some prolific BWO hatches mid afternoon and on any rainy overcast days. Now is the time to start watching out for spawning brown trout please do your best to avoid walking over spawning beds and any areas that look like the bottom has been disturbed or cleaned off. Also please avoid fishing to actively spawning fish or disturbing them.
This is one of the best times to come fish the Yampa so get up here as soon as you can!!!!

Flows: 132 C.F.S.

Nymphs: Jigstone, Patt's Rubber Leg, Biot Epoxy Stone, Peacock Soft Hackle, Red Ass, Rubber Leg Squirrel, Graphic Caddis, Two Bit Hooker, GB Possy, Lightening Bug, Shot Glass Emerger, Medallion Midge, Zebra Midge, Black Beauty, Bead Wing Midge, WD40, Rainbow Warrior

Drys: Brooks Sprout, CDC Baetis Dun, Burks Silhouette Dun, Compara Dun, Purple Parachute, Blue Ribbon Foam Baetis,

Streamers: Sculpzilla, Circus Peanut, Hale Bop Leach, Tequeely, Crispy Critter, Chickabou Craw

Elk River Public Water

Elk River

Flowing out of the Zirkel Wilderness Area, the Elk River is clean and clear this summer. There are just a few access points to the river starting with Christina State Wildlife Area located about 8 miles out of town. Christina is a 1 mile stretch that provides numerous long runs and solid pocket water. Browns, Rainbows, Cutthroats, Brookies and Whitefish, ranging from 12-18 inches can be found in this stretch of the Elk. The Upper Elk, north of Clark down Seedhouse road, has tons of public water access in the National Forest. Bring a small rod, attractor dry flies and 4x tippet.

October 27th,

The fishing on the Elk has been very productive in the last few days. With better flows and cold water we have seen most of our action below the surface. No need to get out early on the Elk this time of year we have seen our best fishing between the hours of 11-5. Try Fishing deep Nymph rigs and swinging Streamers slow and deep. We have seen some fish rising to BWO's in the afternoon and on any overcast days.

Flows: 145 C.F.S.

Nymphs: 20 Incher, The Brick, Cory Stone, Red Copper John, Peacock Nymph, Zebra Midge, Brassie, Tung Reckoner, Purple Prince, Medallion Midge, Biot Mayfly Emerger

Dry: Para Wolf, Hackle Dun Baetis, Griffiths Gnat, Purple Parachute, Triple Double, Parachute Blue Wing

Streamers: Woolly Worm, Matuka, Zonkers, Zoo Cougar

Steamboat, Pearl, and Hahns Peak Lakes

Steamboat Lake

October 27th, 2016

Steamboat Lake is fishing well. The fish are starting to come into the shallows in anticipation of the long winter. Now is the time to fish Steamboat lake before its to late!!!!
Give a call down to the shop for up to date info and fly patterns.