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August 24th, 2015

The Yampa river is at a perfect flow and running crystal clear we are seeing fish rising to numerous hatches throughout the mornings and late afternoons. Stagecoach tail water is staying very consistent and running crystal clear. The Elk River is at the perfect level to catch some nice fish. All the high mountain lakes are fishing really well, we are seeing hungry fish cruising banks. Now is the time to get up to Steamboat and take advantage of all the fishing opportunities the Yampa Valley has to offer!!!!! Give us a call at 970-879-6552 and we will point you in the right direction.

Stagecoach Tailwater

The upper stretch of the Yampa, also known as the "tail waters," is one of our most productive stretches of river during the winter and spring months. Being a tail water fishery, this section of river remains a constant flow throughout the entire year and the water temperature also remains consistent. After the river work that the DOW did, the river looks completely different, yet the fishing has been incredible.
August 24th, 2015
The fishing has been very productive at the Stagecoach Tailwater. The flows are perfect and the fish are hungry! Look for fish rising in the morning and afternoon and on overcast days. 6x and 7x fluorocarbon tippet is a must especially on those clear days. Make sure you are using small indicators and micro split shot as not to spook fish.
Flows: 80 CFS
Nymphs:Grey or Black RS2, Rusty Zebra Midge, Barr's Trico Emerger, Hot Head Ray,Mayers Mysis, Bead Wing Midge, Glas Beefus, Sow Bug
Drys:Spider Midge,Last Chance Cripple PMD ,Vis-A-Dun Trico , Fertile Caddis,Red Quill, Softhakle Callibatis, Snowshoe Caddis

Sarvis Creek

Located one mile downstream of the Stagecoach tail waters, this section of public water is not only beautiful, but can be very productive all months of the year. The Sarvis Creek State Wildlife Area is fishable year round and with close to a mile of classic trout stream habitat your chances of landing a trout of a lifetime are highly likely. Concentrate your casts on deeper runs and fish along seams. Fish are located throughout this entire section, so don't overlook any structure and approach runs with caution to avoid spooking fish. Sight casting for fish is very popular in this area, so keep your eyes glued to the water and look for cruising fish. It’s a bit of a walk to get to this area during the winter but the fishing is very productive!

August 24th, 2015

Sarvis has been fishing well. The visibility has been great Tricos have been coming off mid day. Look for large fish just a few feet off the banks hanging in slow seems and pools. Fish are also feeding in the riffles.
Flows:120 CFS
Nymphs: Pheasant Tail, Zebra Midge, Miracle Midge, WD40, Black Beauty, Green Copper John, Psycho Prince, Muskrat Nymph, Biot Mayfly, Mercury RS2, Hot Head Prince. Hare's Ear, Tungsten Jig Assassin, Mercury Midge, Brassie, Black Two Bit Hooker, Also try some streamers like Black Zonkers and Zoo Cougars.
Dries: Size 18-20. Brooks Sprout Midge , Griffiths Gnat, Parachute Midge, X Caddis, Headlight Caddis, Outrigger Caddis, Oh Yea and Hoppers !

Yampa River Public Water

Through the City of Steamboat Springs, anglers will have close to seven miles of public water to choose from. This river can be accessed in several spots throughout town and along River Road. Fetcher Park, Rotary Park and Emerald Park are great places to park and access the river. These areas are located closer towards the Ski Slopes and the mountain village. Closer to town, Little Toots Park, Dr. Richard Weiss Park and Transit Center Park are favorable parking spots for anglers looking to stay closer to downtown. There are also several prime spots located directly across for the shop.
Chuck Lewis State Wildlife Area
Just a few miles south of town located off CR 14F, the Chuck Lewis State Wildlife Area provides anglers with nearly 2 miles of public access to some incredible trout water. Large cut banks and deep holes will keep anglers busy all day.

August 24th, 2015

Dry fly fishing is here! Trico's are out and about and are fishing quite well in the late mornings. We are still seeing small caddis in the evenings, and dont forget your hoppers on these hot afternoons!
Flows:115 CFS
Nymphs:Barr's Emerger Trico, Rainbow Warrior, Guides Choice Hairs Ear,Trico RS2's, Petrified Pupa, Translucent Emerger,Bling Midge
Dries: Brooks Sprout Trico, Royal Trude Sparkle Dun Parawolf Dennis, Burks Dun , Para Slick Water Caddis, X2 Blue Ribbon Caddis, Hot Butt CDC Caddis, Tan Fertile Caddis, CDC Adult Midge, Trico Spinner, HOPPERS of all sorts and sizes
Streamers: Near Nuff Sculpin, Matuka, Bow River Rubber Bugger, Natural Slump Busters, Nearnuff Cray Crayfish, Crispy Critter, Zoo Cougar

The Elk River

The Elk River flows out of the Zirkel wilderness area and boasts of clean clear water all summer long. There are multiple access points starting with the Christina State wildlife area located about 8 miles out of town. Christina is about 1 mile long and has lots of long runs as well as some good pocket water. Anglers can expect to find Rainbows, Browns, Cutthroats, Brookies and Whitefish in the 12-18 inch range and the occasional fish over 20 inches. The upper elk north of Clark on Seedhouse road has tons of public water access in the National Forest. You are best served with a small rod and attractor dry flies in this area.

August 24th, 2015

The Elk River is at a perfect level and fishing has been great.
We have seen fish rising sporadically to PMD's in riffle's mid day.
Flows 136C.F.S.
Nymphs: BH Twenty Incher, Birds Nest, Pheasant Tail, Lightning Bugs, Tungsten Jig Stone, Kaufmans Stone, The Brick, Red Copper John.
Streamers: Black Zonkers and Zoo Cougers.

Steamboat Lake

August 24th, 2015

Steamboat lake is fishing well, however, fish are going deeper with the warmer temperatures. Fishing from a belly boat will be the most effective way to get your flies deeper. Call the shop for more info.

Stagecoach Reservoir

August 24th, 2015

Trout fishing has been pretty good and we have seen some larger pike cruising the banks. Try fishing streamers deep on sink tips.
Patterns: Black and olive woolly buggers, Black Zonkers, Platte river special.
Pike: Barry's Pike fly red and white, Gen X Bunny Fire Tiger, Hare Grub Black